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A Cure for Pain? Pioneering Biopuncture Therapy Finally Brings Foot Relief

Posted by on Wednesday, March 6th, 2013


According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, 75 million (4 in 10) Americans live with chronic pain. That’s more people than suffer from diabetes, cancer, and heart disease combined! Obviously this is an enormous problem. Foot pain is an extremely common form of chronic pain, especially in older women (chronic pain is more common in women in general, women feel pain more acutely, and women tend to suffer from more foot injuries than their male counterparts). While this problem is clearly huge, pain management has fallen behind many other areas of medicine. Part of the reason for this is that we just don’t have very many treatments that cause more good than harm. Opoid medications, for example, are highly addictive, can damage organs, and can cause many unpleasant side effects. This is why biopuncture therapy for pain is such an exciting treatment.

What is biopuncture therapy? I’m glad you asked. Biopuncture is an injection therapy. Injection therapies for pain relief have been around for many years. You’ve probably heard of injecting cortisone to relieve swelling and inflammation that causes pain. Or, perhaps you read my article on injecting Botox to paralyze the nerves that cause pain in plantar fasciitis. Injecting a therapeutic substance directly into the painful tissue can be quite beneficial. But cortisone and botox both have side effects that may not make them good long-term treatments. Biopuncture uses micro doses of plant and mineral-based products, or glucose: both treatments with few side effects and that pose no dangers to the rest of the body.


How does biopuncture work? Your doctor will inject the biopuncture solution into the site of your foot pain. Glucose is the treatment that has been the most thoroughly researched. It has been used for many years for its pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. Like therapeutic ultrasound, glucose stimulates the release of growth factors, the substances that repair tissues.


Is this like acupuncture? Nope, not at all, unless you’re just talking about needles. In acupuncture, practitioners focus on “acupuncture meridians,” traditional healing points (these have not been backed up by clinical trials.) The biopunctureist focuses on actual pain points, relying both on physical swelling and on the patient’s report of pain.

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