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Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Ryan Minara is one of the most caring, intelligent, thorough, and compassionate doctors I have met. The difference between him and many others: His careful reading of medical notes, the way he really listened to the story of my injury pain and how it has developed and evolved; his willingness to take approaches to treatment that are right for the patient. He does not push surgery when it is not appropriate. Other methodologies like shockwave treatment are available here.”

– Matti P.
Cold Spring, NY

“I have been a patient of this office for 15 years (and they can’t get rid of me! ) They take the time to answer all my questions. When i first went to see Dr Geldwert, i had surgery from another podiatrist which left me with horrible results and i was embarrassed to show my feet. Dr Geldwert and his associate Dr. Catherine Lai had to give me corrective foot surgery . My results were great and i wish i would have found them sooner! I refer them to everyone i know that needs great, professional foot care!”

-Amy L.
Jackson Heights, NY

“I initially went to see Dr. Minara for a calcaneal stress fracture. Under his care I was able to get back running in four weeks. If you are a runner, you understand the setback of a stress fracture so if you listen to his advice I guarantee you will heal up the right way. He never rushed me back – my foot just responded to the treatment. Have also seen Dr. Minara for other soft tissue related injury in the shin area and another stress fracture in the tibia. He has been helpful, understanding, and caring through all of it. He also takes the time to answer all your questions. Good guy. It’s a great office. Dr. Geldwert is a runner himself so he’s got alot of experience and answers when it comes to runners and injuries. They have some pretty cool treatment modalities too including the EPAT soundwave machine which is an amazing device for those of you dealing with PF issues. I would recommend the practice to all my runner friends for sure (and anyone involved in athletics for that matter). All of the doctors are knowledgeable and the receptionists are friendly too.”

-Amy K.
New York, NY

“Dr. Geldwert replaced my right big toe joint and created an arch in that foot by implanting a small prosthetic. He treated the joint for a few years before the replacement. The results have been excellent and he will do the left foot in a couple of months.My recovery was rapid and I am able to trek all over the world and..wear my beautiful shoes. It is always a pleasure to go to his office-the professionalism of he and his staff is outstanding. I highly recommend his practice! ”

-Robin A.
White Plains, NY

“Dr. Geldwert and Dr. Minara are the BEST doctors I have ever seen. They are all exceptionally knowledgable, attentive and outstanding in every way. I suffered from pain in my lower legs for years and once they made me orthotics, I have been pain-free and running great ever since. Dr. Geldwert is the reason that I have run great races for the past year and I owe all of my running accomplishments to him and his staff! I HIGHLY recommend all of his staff members, but give extra kudos to him! He is the BEST – once you visit him, you will see why! Alecia, who works at the front desk, is also extremely caring and friendly every time I visit the practice. AMAZING practice – I can’t say enough great things about them, LOVE them all! ”

-Maria L.
Pelham, NY

“Dr Geldwert treated me for plantar fasciitis. I’m a runner, and he was sympathetic to my desire to keep running while he treated me using EPAT. Easy to talk to and full of information. After 5 treatments, he sent me on my way. I’m still running, the foot feels much better after his treatments. Would definitely recommend him if you’re a runner with an injury. ”

-Tricia H.
New York, NY

“I wanted to send a quick Thank you to Dr Geldwert to say Thank you for all his help on my “stress reactions” on my ankles. I got back to running 1 week before the race – and followed his advice exactly. I got through the race perfectly and had only a little pain and a TONS of FUN along the way. ”


“Dr. Ryan Minara provided critical support while I was laid up with a fracture of the fifth metatarsal on my right foot. He was compassionate, kind, and always sensible, and as I walk about the city now, I am grateful to him. He has my highest recommendation!”

-Mary Fagan

“I’ve had two serious foot injuries requiring surgery in the last 5 years and Dr. Katherine Lai has been my lifeline. She’s calm, confident and an excellent surgeon. I can barely see the scars. 100% recommend.”

-Alyssa Gundred

“Dr. Rivera is so kind and knowledgeable, and all the staff are friendly. It’s a clean and comfortable environment.”

-Jocelyn Sanders