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Injuries are a worrisome ordeal for any athlete, but especially for children under the age of 18. Traumatic injuries early in a young athlete’s life can nix career ambitions and hinder mobility in the crucial growing years that follow. Unattended growth plate injuries may prevent bones from reaching their full potential or lead to deformity.

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The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine works with athletes of all ages, including children and their parents, to create a customized recovery plan that protects injured bones and soft tissue. Our experienced staff greets you with a friendly smile and compassionate care to take away the anxiety that comes along with a trip to the doctor. With an abundance of noninvasive, high-tech treatments, we will create a custom rehabilitation program that works for you.

Our Approach

What distinguishes our Midtown Manhattan practice from the masses is our personal and comprehensive approach to sports injuries. Our priority is pain relief and we achieve that using modern medicine and natural therapies like shockwave therapy, injection therapy including cortisone, biopuncture and Platelet-Rich Plasma, and/or physical therapy.

We’ll make sure the area is immobilized and that pressure is offloaded for effective healing. We favor walking boots over casting, whenever possible. We want you to get back to competition as quickly as you safely can and we will do everything we can to help you through your recovery.

Once we find the underlying cause of the injury, we’ll treat that plus any biomechanical issues like pronation, flat foot and weak calves to prevent sports injury recurrence. Our Midtown Manhattan sports medicine practice is equipped with a gait analysis center and 3-D orthotics scanning system.

We lend a sympathetic ear to your sorrows and take your lifestyle and individuals needs into consideration when constructing your treatment plan. Click to read testimonials from our patients.

Sports Injuries We Treat

Our Midtown Manhattan podiatric sports doctors treat all matters related to the feet and ankles.

  • Emergencies and acute sports injuries: Foot and ankle fractures, foot sprains, ankle sprains, torn cartilage, muscle injuries, tendon injuries, joint dislocation, broken toes, toenail damage, bone bruising and contusions.
  • Chronic Pain and overuse sports injuries: Stress fractures, heel pain, chronic heel problems, ball of foot and top of foot pain, ankle and arch pain, shin and knee pain, scar tissue buildup, nerve issues and arthritis.

Technology We Offer

As a chair of the American Academy of Podiatric Medicine’s national meeting, Dr. Geldwert keeps a pulse on the latest clinically proven, FDA-approved treatments for pain and healing. We are pleased to offer:


Our Doctors

Dr. Josef J. Geldwert opened The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine in 1990. He is board-certified in foot and ankle surgery with nearly 40 years of experience in treating sports injuries. Dr. Geldwert consults with professional sports teams like the NY Lizards, serves as the medical director for local races like the Hamptons Marathon, and offers world class podiatric care. Geldwert is joined in the practice by Dr. Ryan Minara and Dr. Katherine Lai. Read their full bios here.

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