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Choosing the Right Fit For Your Feet: A Buying Guide for Squash Shoes

Posted by on Wednesday, April 20th, 2016


There are over 20 million squash players in over 185 countries, with American players the fastest growing demographic for the sport. As of 2014, there were 1.6 million players in the United States, according to US SquashSimilar to tennis, squash involves racquets and balls hit against walls (rather than over a net). Players use this high-energy sport to burn an impressive average of 750 calories per hour. However, we find many people overlook the importance of choosing the right squash shoes, so they end up here in our NY podiatry office. We’ve put together a buying guide to help you choose squash shoes that can match you on the court.

squash shoes buying guide
With all the lateral movement in squash, a shoe with good midsection stability and ankle support is crucial. (Image Source: Wikipedia user Steve McFarland)

Top Mistakes New Players Make When Choosing Squash Shoes

1. They wear running shoes. Running shoes are extremely treacherous on the squash court. These sneakers are designed for the forward motion of running, not for the side-to-side motions involved in tennis or squash play. As a result, players often sprain their ankles, catching their shoes on the floor during a quick directional change. The thicker soles of certain kinds of running shoes further impair the squash player, as it can be difficult to feel the floor.

2. They wear the same shoes on and off the court. Ideally, your shoes should be non-marking rubber gum sole shoes designed for indoor courts. This will maintain the light finish on the floors and prevent you from sticking, slipping, or falling while you’re moving around. Bring your shoes in a bag and put them on once you’re on the court to avoid tracking in dirt or debris which could make you more likely to slide.

Squash Shoe Shopping Tips

To find squash shoes with the right fit, the most important rule is to know thy feet! Are they wide or narrow? Where do your shoes tend to wear out? Certain brands (like Hi-Tec and Asics) tend to be standard width, whereas Nike and Adidas are a bit narrower. You want to find shoes that are snug but don’t pinch your toes. Be sure to wear your court socks (a sweat-wicking, medium-thick, cushioned pair of Cool-Max or Dri-Fit) when you try on the shoes and give yourself a thumb’s width from the end of your longest toe to the shoe’s tip for a proper fit.

When shopping, take special care to follow these tips:

  • Lace your shoes snugly, but not too tight – or you’ll experience top-of-the-foot pain when your feet swell during exercise.
  • Look for shoes with more cushioning if you’re overweight this helps avoid straining your feet, knees, and hips.
  • Buy a top-of-the-line shoe if you play three or more days per week.
  • Replace your shoes regularly. If you play twice a week, replace your shoes twice a season; if you play three times a week, replace your shoes three times during a season.
  • Invest in custom-fit corrective sports insoles for your shoes if you’re experiencing any foot pain.

Choosing a Brand of Squash Shoes

Some well-known makers of quality squash shoes include:

  • Adidas – If you have narrow feet, the Adipower Stabil 10.1 will ensure you won’t slide around and develop corns or blisters along the outsides of your feet. They’re also tops for people who want added ankle support.
  • Asics – We love Asics brand shoes for most sports, and squash is no exception. Their Gel-Fireblast, Gel-Beyond, and Gel Rocket models offer unparalleled arch support and cushioning.
  • HEAD – The HEAD Grid is a professional grade shoe designed for court sports at a reasonable price. Reviewers rate them high in comfort, grip, and breathability.
  • Prince – These are great, durable shoes for wide feet. The NFS Rally and NFS II models continue to be hot sellers year after year.
  • Hi-Tec  This men’s line of court shoes is highly respected for high-tech design, sweat absorption, and midsection support.

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