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5 Tools Every Doctor Treating Sports Injuries Should Be Using

Posted by on Wednesday, September 10th, 2014


There are many podiatrists in New York City from which to choose — but, frankly, some of them are stuck in the Stone Age. The last thing you want to hear is, “Go home, rest, ice it, wear this bandage, and put your feet up” when you have been suffering from chronic pain for over a month. By the same token, you don’t want a NYC podiatrist who rushes you into an operation when there are other, non-invasive treatments out there. The Center for Podiatric Care & Sports Medicine offers the latest proven technological advancements in the treatment of sports injuries to help you get back on your feet as efficiently as possible.

mls laser for sports injuries
Dr. Geldwert uses the MLS Laser to treat sport injuries and chronic pain. Image Source:

1. Platelet Rich Plasma

Pro athletes like Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant rely on platelet-rich plasma injections to repair damaged tissue faster. Not many people in the NYC area offer this new innovation, but we have many of these procedures to stimulate the body’s own natural healing by injecting growth-factor platelets at the site of injury.

Conditions It’s Used For: – Ankle Arthritis, Tennis Elbow, ACL Reconstruction, Knee Osteoarthritis, Hip Arthritis, Achilles Tendon Injuries, Chronic Tendinopathies, Rotator Cuff Injuries 

2. Computerized Gait Analysis

Gait analysis looks at total body mechanics — in other words: how you move. Our experienced team uses computer technology to detect patterns of motion, as well as pressure points as you walk and run on a treadmill. We can assess potential sports injuries before they arise or diagnose the root cause of pain. We can analyze locomotion for evidence of overpronation, oversupination, increased O angle, hip hiking, limited ankle dorsiflexion, and pelvic tilt. Runners and athletes find that they are able to improve their technique and skill by understanding precisely how their body moves. We can also offer suggestions on how to correct these natural abnormalities before they cause pain.

Conditions It’s Used For: Pain in the feet, ankles, legs, knees, hips, back or neck.

3. MLS Laser

Pulsed light lasers bring down inflammation and penetrate deep into damaged cells to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. Tissues repair quicker, pain diminishes rapidly, nerves reconnect, metabolic activity increases, and there are no side effects for the patient. We have seen lives changed with MLS laser treatment, and it’s something we really stand behind.

Conditions It’s Used For: Ankle Sprains, Arthritis, Diabetic Foot Wounds, Joint Pain, Neuromas, Plantar Fasciitis, Sports Injuries, Tendinopathies, Neuropathy

4. Hands-Free Crutches

Recently, we reported that Harrison Ford had been getting around town using a hands-free crutch after he broke his leg filming the new Star Wars movie. There is a short learning curve for an assistive device like this, and — unlike traditional crutches — you don’t need a whole lot of upper body strength to get around. We find that recovery from a serious injury can be difficult, psychologically, so any technology that helps patients become more mobile is a good thing. The CAM Walker Boot is another product we recommend to get patients back to daily activities, without putting pressure on the injury.

Conditions It’s Used For: Ankle Sprains, Foot Fractures, Sports Injuries

5. Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Soft tissue injuries can be difficult to repair — especially without surgery. Yet, science is behind the use of ESWT with a number of recently published studies verifying its effectiveness. Patients report significant reduction in pain with the use of high energy waves. Low energy waves can at least restore functionality after as little as one session. Over the course of six months to a year, its effectiveness increases dramatically.

Conditions It’s Used For: Plantar Fasciitis, Chronic Shoulder Tendinitis, Achilles Tendinopathy, Fractures

Get Late-Breaking Treatments For Sports Injuries In NYC

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