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Sports Injury Prevention In Your Pocket: Top Mobile Apps

Posted by on Thursday, June 13th, 2013


About 24 percent of Americans use their phones for mobile app capabilities. This number is expected to grow as more people buy smartphones and more helpful apps hit the market. Did you know that there may be mobile apps that can help prevent sports injuries? Here are a few mobile apps for sport injury prevention to consider.

Sports Injury Clinic

The application has information on over 100 sports injuries, including symptoms, explanations of how certain injuries occur, and treatment methods. They link to over 70 YouTube videos providing advice on everything from surgery and sports massage to taping and sports injury prevention. You can learn more about knee and ankle strength-training, as well as back pain therapy while you are on-the-go.

Sports Injury Mobile App

The University of Western Ontario in London recently evaluated this app. They found that this app “provided amateur medical trainers with access to a medical  knowledge base to quickly identify and diagnose symptoms.” Coaches can find a new or saved diagnosis. They can choose to search injury type based on what body part appears to be afflicted. From there, drop-down menus let the coaches refine symptoms to get a quick diagnosis.

Concussion Recognition and Response

Playing with an undiagnosed concussion can be life-threatening in some cases, so it’s especially important to catch signs right away, says says Dr. Laura Purcell, president, Paediatric Sport and Exercise Medicine Section. The app may not be the best guide for coaches who want to follow through a series of prompts to get a “yes” or “no” diagnosis because it will automatically recommend seeking medical attention for anyone who answers “yes” to the question, “Was there likely a blow to the head or body, jerking the head?” On the contrary, people can enter any number of symptoms, but if they say “no” to the question about a blow to the head, it will not say a concussion is likely. However, the app is helpful for home monitoring, learning more about concussions and following a return-to-play workout.

Run Injury-Free

Run Injury Free is an iPhone app that lets users map runs using GPS, follow a guided warm-up stretching routine and monitor running progress metrics. “How-To” illustrations focus on technique, while the diagnostic tool helps users identify a running injury before it happens. Preventative measures and cures make this a very well-rounded app for the runner who wants to stay healthy.


The iPrevent apps were developed by orthopedic surgeons and come in several different sub-specialties: running injury, ACL injury, shoulder injury and golf injury. “Learn how to avoid sports injuries with these science-backed programs,” the ad for the app proclaims. YouTube videos show how to warm up, cool down and strength-train to prevent injury.


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