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Staten Island Sports Injuries – Foot and Ankle Injury Treatment and Prevention

Youth sports injuries are on the rise, according to a recent report by the Staten Island Advance. Every year, there are seven million sports injuries, with more than half of these affecting young people under 24 years of age. Many incidents go unreported, so you can only imagine how many kids are nursing sprains and strains at any given time.

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Factors that can lead to injury may include:

  • Playing organized sports with aggressive training programs
  • Year-round game schedules lacking appropriate breaks
  • The use of improper techniques or improper equipment

“Every young athlete, parent, and coach can take simple steps to help reduce the risk of sports injuries,” says the Richmond County Medical Society. “First, a pre-season physical examination by a doctor every year should be mandatory for all athletes.” You can bring your child into The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine in Manhattan NY 10128. Our New York sports specialists are worth the drive.

What We Treat

We treat all sports injuries related to the foot and ankle, including leg, knee, and back problems that can be traced back to gait cycle biomechanics or improper footwear. Bring us your acute emergencies and your chronic pain – we treat it all.

Emergencies and acute sports injuries including foot and ankle fractures, foot and ankle sprains, torn cartilage, muscle and tendon injuries, joint dislocation, broken toes, toenail damage, bone bruise and contusions.

Chronic pain and overuse sports injuries including stress fractures, heel pain, chronic heel issues, ball of foot and top of foot pain, ankle and arch pain, shin and knee pain, scar tissue buildup, nerve issues and arthritis.

Our facility offers a full suite of diagnostic tools, including x-rays, ultrasound, and a computerized gait analysis system so we can give you an accurate diagnosis. If you need emergency surgery, we have privileges at Mount Sinai Medical Center, Beth Israel Medical Center or White Plains Hospital.

Who We Are

Founded by Dr. Josef J. Geldwert, a board-certified podiatric surgeon with nearly 40 years of experience, The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine has served Staten Island residents since 1990. He has worked with long distance runners participating in the Hamptons Marathon and NYC Triathlon, professional league athletes (NY Liberty, NY Magic, NY Lizards), and future Olympians. As a father of five, he derives the greatest satisfaction from helping aspiring young athletes get back to the game. Dr. Ryan Minara and Dr. Katherine Lai, both graduates from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine, round out the surgical staff of The Center.

NY Sports Doctors vs. General Practitioners

Most people take their aches and pains to their general practitioner. However, a general practitioner’s office does not have all the tools of the trade required to best treat your foot or ankle sports injury. More than likely, you’ll be offered a prescription for pain medication and sent on your way or they’ll refer you to see a specialist.

Many chiropractors offer treatment for pain, but for foot and ankle issues, you want a podiatric sports medicine doctor. Medical doctors treat individual body parts, but we look at the body in its totality and examine how the joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and nerves work together to move your body.

We understand how factors like flat feet, pronation, supination, and hip mobility affect the body from the ground up. We tackle the underlying cause of your pain to treat the sports injury of today and prevent the sports injuries of tomorrow. We rely on cutting-edge therapy, strength-training, custom orthotics and, in rare cases, surgery.

Advanced Pain Management Options for Staten Island NY Residents

Our vast arsenal of pain management therapies is the main reason we see so many patients from Staten Island. They come to us for top-level treatments including:

  • Natural methods of expedited healing – Platelet-Rich Plasma and biopuncture injections
  • Non-invasive pain therapies – EPAT, TENS and ESWT
  • Laser pain relief – MLS Laser and MIX5 Laser
  • Biomechanical evaluation – Gait analysis
  • Custom footwear – Computerized orthotics scanning

Our services are covered by most major insurance providers, including Medicare. Contact our office if you have any questions about insurance, as we constantly expand our carrier relationships. We can also help you secure financing for any out-of-pocket treatments that are not yet covered by insurance providers.

Have your sports injury treated by a true professional today.

Our NYC sports medicine doctors serve all of Staten Island NY, from New Brighton 10301 to Mid-Island 10314 and everything in between at our Manhattan office.