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Stay in the Game on The Upper Westside – NYC Sports Injury Clinic

Upper Westside sports injuries are our specialty here at The Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine on East 88th Street in Manhattan. A quick walk across Central Park will get you to our state-of-the-art podiatric sports medicine facility in less than 10 minutes. When you have foot and ankle pain, you want the widest selection of treatment options, from Platelet-Rich Plasma to elective surgery, and we are pleased to offer it all.

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Come see us for treatment of:

  • Foot and ankle fractures and sprains
  • Stress fractures caused by overuse
  • Chronic inflammation and sensitivity
  • Muscle, ligament, tendon and cartilage damage
  • Joint dislocation and degeneration
  • Toenail damage, ingrown nails and toe pain
  • Chronic heel, ball of foot, top of foot, ankle and arch pain
  • Knee and shin pain caused by biomechanical abnormalities

The Latest Sports Medicine Treatments

We offer high-tech treatment options, including Platelet-Rich Plasma, TENS therapy, shockwave treatment, ultrasonic debridement, MLS laser, ultrasonic debridement, cryosurgery, biopuncture, and custom orthotic shoe inserts. Our physical therapy program ensures that you remain strong and flexible during your recovery. We prefer walking boots and active recoveries whenever possible.

Board-Certified Foot and Ankle Surgeons

Our practice employs three board-certified foot and ankle surgeons with doctorates in podiatric medicine – Dr. Josef J. Geldwert, Dr. Katherine Lai, and Dr. Ryan Minara. We treat sports injuries for big events like the Hamptons Marathon, NYC Triathlon, A&P Tennis Classic, Newsweek Tennis Classic and NY Lizards. While we reserve surgery as a last resort, if it’s the best option, we can schedule your operation at Mt. Sinai, Beth Israel Medical Center or White Plains Hospital. We have performed over 15,000 successful foot and ankle surgeries, so you are in good hands with us.

Patient Experience

We value patient experience and strive to make your foot or ankle injury recovery as pleasant as possible. There is no such thing as a “stupid question.” You’ll find a wealth of information on our blog and we are happy to field any questions you have. We regularly counsel patients on sports injury prevention and footwear choice.

We understand the physical and emotional toll an ankle or foot injury can take on an athlete. You will find friendly front desk staff and a sympathetic ear with our sports medicine professionals. Our office scores rave reviews about our doctors’ excellent bedside manner.

To make specialist services more affordable for you, we accept most major insurance plans, including Medicare. And we can help you secure financing or alternate payment plans for any new treatments that may not yet be covered by insurance providers.

You can expect a short wait time to be seen and in our office. We provide a relaxing, comfortable environment compared to general practitioner offices and the hospital emergency room.

Our facility is fully equipped with x-rays, ultrasounds and everything we need to make an accurate diagnosis. If surgery is required, we can schedule it for you right from our office.

Need To Be Seen For Sports Injury Treatment or Prevention near Upper Westside NY?

Call our friendly front office staff at 212-996-1900 or book an appointment online.

Our sports medicine doctors serve all the Upper Westside zip codes, including 10023, 10024, and 10025.